The Most Beloved Classic Star Trek Story Is A Secret Mirror Universe Episode

city on the edge of forever

This culminates in the most horrific moment in “City On the Edge of Forever:” Dr. McCoy has recovered from the drugs and tries to save Edith Keeler from an oncoming truck. Kirk holds him back, allowing the love of his life to die in order to save the future as he knows it. He is successful, but some fans think that the Mirror Universe is an alternate timeline caused by Keeler living and the Nazis winning World War II.

Certainly, that would explain much of the aggression in the Mirror Universe, a reality where Zefram Cochrane initiated first contact by murdering Earth’s first Vulcan visitors and looting their technology.

An explicit Nazi backstory would also explain why the Terran Empire was obsessed with a kind of racial purity in which humans had to be superior to aliens. And the Nazis’ nasty history of experimenting on their enemies might explain why this alternate reality has perfected agonizer technology for so efficiently torturing enemies.

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