The Acolyte Divides Star Wars Fans For An Easily Fixable Reason

However, even if the episode count was reduced and the runtime increased, The Acolyte would still have a major problem with its pacing. Most episodes end on arbitrary cliffhangers, and it seems like the writers worked backward from the cliffhanger, padding the episodes out with just enough empty fluff to make the good stuff seem worth the wait.

That’s particularly true of the super-short episode 4, whose admittedly great cliffhanger ending made everything leading into it feel like a meandering setup.

Giving credit where it’s due, the fifth episode delivered a killer lightsaber battle at the beginning that was better than almost any duels in the Sequel Trilogy (admittedly a low bar to clear).

After that frantic fight, though, things slow down to a snail’s pace so that we can get a twin switcheroo plot, a plot almost as hacky as having a long-lost twin show up out of nowhere. It’s official: this show has the writing of a soap opera as well as the aesthetic of one ($22 million per episode, y’all).

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