Slavery In Isekai Anime Needs To Go Away

There is an argument that Isekai slavery is fine because they are often set in a time when slavery was prominent in history. While it’s true that slavery was more prominent in certain eras, Isekai stories often change around a lot of details to make the story more interesting. If the story can add running toilets and elaborate magic systems, they can eliminate slavery. 

Also, this isn’t actually all that true. Slavery has always been a part of human history. However, it wasn’t as prominent during Medieval times as Isekai slavery tropes would have you believe. From the 4th century to the 10th century, serfdom was much more prominent. 

Despite this, Isekais rarely have a serfdom trope, instead relying heavily on slavery in their plots. This, in my opinion, represents a lack of research on the writer’s part and weak writing to fill a plot hole or make it easy for the women. 

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