Sci-Fi Epic Space Adventure On Max Changed Cinema And Needs To Be Seen By Everyone

2001 a space odyssey

Part of what has cemented 2001: A Space Odyssey’s legacy is the interpretive nature of the film. Starting in prehistoric times, the plot is kicked off by a tribe of primates encountering a bizarre monolith that has appeared in their territory, clearly not of this world. The movie then jumps ahead in time to a group of astronauts encountering that same monolith, and a series of bizarre events that follow.

This includes many famous scenes that have made 2001: A Space Odyssey famous. This includes the astronaut Dave who winds up realizing that his craft’s own computer, the HAL 9000, is plotting to kill him. In a subplot that has been reused by countless shows and movies, Dave realizes the computer cares more about completing its mission than it does human life and that he must deactivate it to survive.

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