Longlegs Will Be Nicolas Cage’s Greatest Role Of All Time, Here’s Why

Nicolas Cage Mom and Dad

Moving forward, Nicolas Cage continues down the dark path that ultimately leads to Longlegs with Dog Eat Dog, an ill-fated heist film that plays out like a Quentin Tarantino fever dream with Willem Dafoe taking on a psychotic supporting role. In this context, Cage portrays an ex-con named Troy who is looking for one last big score so he can go legitimate, but runs into trouble because he and his crew are all slaves to their impulses in the worst kinds of ways.

The real turning point for Nicolas Cage, in my opinion, comes in the form of 2017’s Mom and Dad, a black horror comedy about parents suddenly becoming infected with a rage virus that makes them want to murder their offspring for reasons unexplained. While the promotional content for Longlegs suggests that Cage will be a little more menacing and calculating in the upcoming movie, Mom and Dad sees the Leaving Las Vegas actor ramping up as he chases his teenagers around the house with various found weapons so he can systematically murder them.

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