James Cameron Leaves Epic Camera Goof In Iconic Movie Scene


James Cameron isn’t the only filmmaker who leaves camera goofs in his movies because it’s sometimes impossible to work around them. My favorite camera goof of all time can be found during a very tense sequence in 1990’s Goodfellas. When Ray Liotta’s Henry Hill is whacked out of his gourd and driving around under the assumption that he’s being followed by police helicopters, the scene is shot from two different angles.

In this particular scene, Ray Liotta can be seen lighting a cigarette that he ends up holding with his left hand near the driver’s side window. During the same scene, seconds later, the camera is pointing at him from the front passenger seat, capturing his full profile. As the scene cuts back and forth between each angle, Ray Liotta has a cigarette in his left hand when the camera’s looking straight at him from the wind screen, but no cigarette in his hand from the other angle.

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