Invest in These Red, White, & Blue Chip Stocks for July 4th

The Fourth of July is a cornerstone of American tradition that signifies a time for celebration, family gatherings, and festive cookouts. This holiday’s cultural impact resonates deeply within the consumer landscape, often driving a surge in spending on goods and services in the consumer discretionary, consumer staple, and retail sectors. For investors, understanding how this seasonal uptick in spending could influence the market performance of companies intrinsically linked to these summertime rituals can provide valuable insights. 

The Fourth of July Market: A Look Back and Ahead

The current market sentiment leading up to July 4th, 2024, is generally optimistic, with positive economic indicators and rising investor confidence. However, lingering concerns about inflation and potential interest rate hikes continue to influence market behavior. Historically, the performance of companies during previous July 4th weekends has been mixed, with some experiencing significant increases in stock prices while others have seen more muted performance. Notably, Tyson Foods has often witnessed a surge in demand for grilling items, leading to positive stock performance. Constellation Brands, a leading beer producer, has also historically benefited from increased consumer spending on alcoholic beverages during this holiday period.

Tyson Foods: Grilling Up Gains

Tyson Foods NYSE: TSN is a leading meatpacking giant that operates in a market driven by consumer demand for protein products. As a significant player in the meatpacking industry, Tyson Foods supplies a substantial portion of the nation’s chicken, beef, and pork, making it a crucial component of the American food system. The company’s diverse product portfolio includes iconic brands like Tyson, Jimmy Dean, Hillshire Farm, Ball Park, Wright, Aidells, and ibp, catering to broad consumer preferences.

Tyson Foods, Inc. stock logo

-0.62 (-1.08%)

(As of 07/3/2024 ET)

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The July 4th holiday holds significant potential for Tyson Foods as it aligns with the peak grilling season. Increased consumer spending on grilling items like chicken, beef, and pork will likely boost demand for Tyson Foods’ products. However, several factors could influence Tyson Food’s stock performance during this period.

First, competition in the meatpacking industry is fierce, with companies like Pilgrim’s Pride NASDAQ: PPC and JBS OTCMKTS: JBSAY vying for market share. The potential for price wars or increased competitive pressure could impact Tyson Foods’ profitability. Second, ongoing supply chain challenges, such as increased transportation costs, labor shortages, and potential disruptions in livestock production, could affect the company’s ability to meet demand and maintain profitability. Third, inflationary pressures influence consumer spending habits, potentially decreasing demand for meat products as consumers prioritize affordability.

Despite these challenges, Tyson Food’s earnings report revealed solid second-quarter results, showing year-over-year growth in operating income and adjusted earnings per share (EPS). This indicates that the company is navigating the current economic environment with resilience. Tyson Foods’ financial outlook for the remainder of the fiscal year is positive, with projections for relatively flat sales but continued improvement in profitability.

Constellation Brands: Cheers to Growth

Constellation Brands NYSE: STZ  is a leading international producer and marketer of beer, wine, and spirits, holding a solid position within the alcoholic beverage industry. The company’s portfolio boasts a diverse range of popular brands, including the iconic Corona and Modelo families and premium wines like The Prisoner Wine Company and Robert Mondavi Winery. Constellation Brands’ focus on premium brands and its strategic investments in high-growth markets have positioned it for continued success in the dynamic alcoholic beverage sector.

Constellation Brands, Inc. stock logo
STZSTZ 90-day performance

Constellation Brands


-8.57 (-3.31%)

(As of 07/3/2024 ET)

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The July 4th holiday is traditionally associated with increased consumption of alcoholic beverages, particularly beer. With its extensive beer portfolio, Constellation Brands is well-positioned to capitalize on this trend. Increased consumer spending on beer will likely drive sales for the company, potentially boosting its stock price.

However, the company faces several challenges that could influence its stock performance. First, competition in the alcoholic beverage industry is intense, with companies like Diageo NYSE: DEO and Brown-FormanNYSE: BF.B vying for market share. Second, consumer trends in alcoholic beverage consumption are constantly evolving. Changing preferences, shifts in demand towards specific types of beverages, and the growing popularity of alternative beverage options could impact Constellation Brands’ sales. Third, regulatory changes in the alcoholic beverage industry, such as new taxes, restrictions on advertising, or changes in distribution laws, could pose challenges for the company.

Constellation Brand’s earnings have demonstrated positive performance recently despite these challenges. The company reported strong first-quarter fiscal 2025 results, ending April 2024, with net sales increasing by 6% to $2,662 million, or 6% on a constant currency basis, highlighting strong growth in the Corona brand family. This performance demonstrates Constellation Brands’ ability to adapt to evolving consumer preferences and maintain a robust market position. Constellation Brands’ outlook remains positive for the rest of the year, with a continued focus on premium brands and a strategic approach to capitalize on the ongoing growth of the beer category.

Walmart: The July 4th Shopping Spree

Walmart NYSE: WMT is a retail giant with a vast network of stores and an expansive online presence, making it a dominant force in the global retail market. The company’s strategy focuses on providing a wide range of products at affordable prices, making it a destination for consumers seeking value and convenience. Walmart’s commitment to offering a diverse selection of goods, efficient operations, and strong supply chain management has solidified its position as a leading retailer across various markets.

Walmart Inc. stock logo

+0.17 (+0.25%)

(As of 07/3/2024 ET)

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The July 4th holiday presents a significant opportunity for Walmart to capitalize on increased consumer spending. The holiday is known for stimulating demand for various products, including grilling supplies, beverages, and other seasonal items. Walmart’s wide selection of products, competitive pricing, and convenient shopping options position it to attract consumers during this period.

However, several factors could influence Walmart’s stock performance during this holiday. First, intense competition in the retail sector, with companies like Target NYSE: TGT and Amazon NASDAQ: AMZN vying for consumer dollars, could pose challenges for Walmart. Second, ongoing supply chain challenges, such as disruptions in shipping, labor shortages, and potential delays in sourcing products, could impact Walmart’s ability to meet increased demand and maintain a robust inventory. Third, inflationary pressures significantly impact consumer spending habits, potentially changing consumer behavior and shopping patterns.

Despite these challenges, Walmart’s earnings report recently revealed a strong first quarter for fiscal year 2025, ending April 30, 2024. Walmart’s financial release demonstrated the company’s ability to navigate a complex economic environment and maintain strong performance.  Consolidated revenue grew by 6% to $161.5 billion, while operating income increased by 9.6%.  This strong performance was driven by a 3.8% increase in comparable sales in the US, reflecting strength in transaction counts and unit volumes.  Walmart also reported a 21% increase in global eCommerce sales, fueled by store-fulfilled pickup and delivery services and marketplace growth.  Looking ahead, Walmart expects net sales to increase by 3.5% to 4.5% and operating income to grow by 3.0% to 4.5% in the second quarter, in constant currency.  The company also updated its outlook for fiscal year 2025, expecting to be at the high end or slightly above its previous guidance for net sales and operating income growth. This optimistic outlook reflects the company’s continued focus on expanding eCommerce and membership programs, driving growth and profitability. 

Investing in the Stars and Stripes

With its cultural significance and traditional celebrations, the Fourth of July presents a unique opportunity for businesses to capitalize on increased consumer spending. Each playing a vital role in these festivities, Tyson Foods, Constellation Brands, and Walmart stand to benefit from the holiday’s impact. However, it’s essential to remember that various factors, including competition, supply chain challenges, and consumer spending patterns, will influence the stock performance of these companies. While the holiday might bring a temporary surge in demand, investors must consider these companies’ long-term trends and overall financial health before making investment decisions.

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