Homelander Gets Less Scary In The Boys For A Double-Edged Reason

The Boys Homelander

Instead, it was the fact that the character was so mysterious. He could walk into a room and instantly intimidate everyone in it and audiences watching at home because he came across like a flying shark … someone whose aggression was barely kept under the surface and whose violence might erupt at any time. In short, Homelander was so scary specifically because we knew so little about his motivations or weaknesses, allowing us to see him as The Boys do: as an unpredictable god who might demand a sacrifice at any time.

So, why is Homelander not as scary as he used to be? After season 1, the show’s writers felt the need to effectively humanize the character. We learn more about his sad and petty need to be adored, his codependent relationship with characters like Stormfront, and the fact that his ego allows him to be easily manipulated by characters like Stan Edgar.

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