Get These Two Games For Free On Steam Right Now; In One, You’re A Weaponized Pizza

Two normally paid games on Steam are currently available for free to keep forever. In one, you’ll fight against hordes of creepy monsters as a flying pizza. The other is a tactical RPG set in an alternate science-fiction Berlin where the wall never fell.

Pizza Hero is like Vampire Survivor with a shoot-’em-up twist. You’ll level up your jetpack pizza with toppings that give you both passive and active attacks. Waves of enemies approach you. It’s your job to kill as many as possible and stay out of their way as you get more powerful. Pizza Hero is free for a limited time. It’s also worth noting that the game does include microtransactions.

All Walls Must Fall is a grid-based tactics game with a twist. Rather than taking an individual turn, you plot out your actions and every unit on the screen does their action simultaneously. The game also has dialogue system where you can attempt to get NPCs to be scared of you, treat you respectfully, or flirt with you. All Walls Must Fall is now free forever. The development team said this on a blog post on Steam: “We hope you enjoy playing our tech-noir tactics game that we made. We put a lot of our hearts into it, and while we’ve all moved on to other projects now, that time we made our own little indie game will always be special to us.”

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