Disney Needs To Make Heartbreaking Star Wars Legends Story Canon

thank the maker

His trap finally sprung, Vader is in the middle of informing a Stormtrooper to lock up the Rebels when the officer from earlier interjects with some more bad news.

It seems Chewbacca stole C-3PO’s remains from the Ugnaughts before they could be melted down. Vader follows the officer to Princess Leia’s quarters and “Thank the Maker” again shows us the Dark Lord’s memories.

This time Vader reminisces on a time when he almost had C-3PO put together in working order. The young Skywalker informs his mother, Shmi, that C-3PO needs new photoreceptors.

His mother tries to talk him out of stealing the parts he needs from Watto but relents when she realizes just how much the droid means to Anakin. For Anakin, a child that has lived his whole life as a slave, Threepio represents another one of society’s undesirables simply cast aside without a thought.

“Thank the Maker” shows us that C-3PO was never just a droid to Anakin but a kindred soul. A friend.

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