Dexter Is Nothing Like The Books And That’s A Good Thing

Speaking of the “Dark Passenger,” this is what I feel is the worst difference, and put me off from finishing the books for years, is the change from describing a psychological issue to an actual Biblical demon. Dexter in the Dark, the third book, gives it a name, Moloch, and there’s a growing cult devoted to the demon that crosses paths with Miami police. The sound of drums heralds when Moloch is exerting its influence on Dexter, and thankfully, this particular plot twist starts to fade as the series goes on, with even Lindsay realizing it wasn’t working out.

Ask anyone about the Dexter novels, and on average, you’ll hear how bad they are, that the show is better, and then, with some prodding, learn that they bailed halfway through the third book. Moloch is why this sentiment is so common, but the truth is, the books end up better, and the series could not do them justice.

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