Battlestar Galactica Ripped Off Fan-Favorite Video Game?

Battlestar Galactica

How did these comparisons between Battlestar Galactica and Wing Commander even get started? It mostly began with fans noticing similarities in ship designs. For example, if you squint, the design of Kilrathi starfighters in the film and the Cylon Raiders in the show look very similar. The similarities are strong enough that at one point, a fan wrote to Galactica showrunner Ronald D. Moore asking whether or not these similarities were intentional.

The fan pointed out the similarity in Kilrathi and Cylon designs and also mentioned the production link between Battlestar Galactica and Wing Commander. Specifically, he referenced how Tom DeSanto produced the Wing Commander movie and then tried to create a failed BSG show of his own along with X-Men director Bryan Singer. However, Moore clarified that he had personally never watched the Wing Commander movie, but he acknowledged that some other members of the production crew might have been inspired by the film.

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