Battlestar Galactica Plot Hole Ruins Entire Series 

We need to discuss a bit more about the Battlestar Galactica before we can dive into the nature and significance of the plot hole. Galactica is introduced to us as a very old vessel, one that is scheduled to be decommissioned and turned into a museum.

It is especially old compared to other Battlestars, as evidenced by characters still communicating with each other by using corded phones.

It is revealed in the miniseries that Galactica is deliberately low-tech for a very simple reason: the previous war with the Cylons. In fighting a race of highly advanced robots, the Colonies quickly discovered they were at risk of being hacked, which could instantly get everyone on a ship killed.

As a response, Galactica and other war vessels of the time were made with non-networked technology that, while filled with disadvantages, was impossible for the Cylons to hack into.

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