Battlestar Galactica Creator Slams Double Standard

Battlestar Galactica

What caused the Battlestar Galactica showrunner to speak out against this double standard? It began with a fan letter to Moore complaining about explicit content in the show…in the fan’s words, the series “Doesn’t need s*x to get the viewers!” One of the fan’s core complaints was that such scenes made it harder for a friend to watch the show with his young child.

With the patience of a saint, Moore first explained that the show was made with an adult audience in mind and that he “wouldn’t dream of letting” his own small children watch the show. After that, the Battlestar Galactica showrunner turned this into a teachable moment regarding the double standards of explicit content in American media. In his words, “Somehow it’s okay to fetishize s*x by putting women in S&M; leather “space” outfits or have Carrie Fisher run around in harem clothes…but to portray two mature adults simply having s*x is somehow controversial in sci-fi circles.”

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