A Series Of Unfortunate Events On Netflix Is What Every Adaptation Should Strive For

The man turns out to be their family banker, Mr. Poe, who has an excessive cough that seems to never go away. He’s in charge of the children’s sizable inheritance and of whom the children will go to live with. It turns out their parents have several family friends and distant relatives with whom the children can stay, and each book or show in A Series of Unfortunate Events on Netflix involves the kids heading off to stay with a new relative. 

It changes with every book and each two-part episode of A Series of Unfortunate Events on Netflix because there is also the dark figure of Count Olaf, a man determined to adopt the kids, kill them, and take their fortune for himself. To accomplish this, he first tries to marry Violet. Then, he proceeds to murder each relative or family friend they go to live with. When they run out of relatives, they end up on the run, taking refuge where they can —- in hospitals, in villages, in carnivals, and in hotels, among other locations. 

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